Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)


We recognize that each funding requirement is distinct, and through collaborative discussions, we evaluate your requirements and provide a customized funding solution that aligns perfectly.


Leveraging our wholesale contract is the crucial factor for securing funding via Emerald Capital Ventures. Moreover, it ensures comprehensive protection for all involved parties. As a standard practice, we provide this legally crafted document to all our clients.


We prioritize fast and dependable funding for seamless deal closings. Once your transaction is ready, we swiftly fund the title company's escrow account, enabling you to efficiently close your deal. After closing, the proceeds are returned, seamlessly.

Title Companies We Worked With

We have solutions

Don't let the perfect deal slip away due to a lack of funding for the contract. We're here to step in and secure the earnest money deposit, funding your wholesale deal with ease. You've earned that assignment fee, so let's join forces and complete the deal together! #WholesaleOpportunities #FundingSolutions #JointVenture #DealCompletion

Let's build successful partnership together.

When you join forces with us, you’re not navigating the growth of your business alone. We specialize in joint venturing for earnest money deposits, working alongside your team to contribute to achieving your goals. We’re here to support your journey!

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